One of the most appreciated materials in antiquity for its variegated appearance, it is certainly one of the most beautiful stones. Each marble slab creates a unique and unrepeatable visual effect. From the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia, passing through Greeks and Romans, marble has attracted artists of all levels and continues today to enrich the furnishings of homes, thanks to its ability to give brightness to the environment that surrounds it. .


Granite, one of the most present rocks on our planet. This stone owes its name to its “grain” structure, from the Latin granum, due to its granular conformation.

Second only to diamond in terms of resistance, granite has the ability to resist the action of atmospheric agents, guaranteeing its duration unchanged over time. Since the time of the ancient Egyptians this material was used in the most varied building uses. Today as then, both in public and private construction, granite plays a role of primary importance, becoming one of the primary choices in the creation of modern environments with a high aesthetic impact.


Romans, Greeks and even Egyptians used onyx as a stone for decorations and statuary structures. The easy workability connected to the polishability and harmony of the colors, have allowed over the centuries the use of this material for the realization of coverings, floor tiles and liturgical furnishings. Perhaps less well known than granite and marble, onyx has a unique feature: it is translucent. Let yourself be bewitched by this stone!



Travertine is a typical rock of central Italy, of limestone origin. Its use dates back to Roman times when the lapis tiburtinus was extracted to be used in many buildings of the time.

Since the Emperor Augustus elevated travertine to a “noble” material, many works were carried out, which have come down to us. The most impressive and known in the world is certainly the Colosseum. Since then, the use of this versatile stone, which guarantees an excellent balance between elegance and luxury, has bewitched hundreds of architects and interior designers who have been able to apply its essence in many examples of street furniture.

Travertine fountain for a project in Qatar


Whether it is Porphyry, Leccese stone, Quartzite, Serpentine or Luserna, at Cantarelli Marmi Arredo Casa we will be able to offer you a wide range of products suitable for every type of creation, from outdoor floors, through bathroom coverings to kitchen countertops. .


Cantarelli Marmi Arredo Casa boasts over half a century of activity in the design, construction and supply of furnishing materials with precious stones.

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