Commissioned in February 2017, by a Qatari company, the fountain had to meet the customer’s needs, so the design started from the study and then moved on to the plumbing and electrical systems.

Once the work plan was presented and accepted, it was then the turn of the actual realization. Starting from blocks of travertine, various stages of processing followed: turning for the cylindrical elements, use of the anthropomorphic robotic arm for the most complex and heavy objects and a lot of labor for the finishing touches.

the sketch of the project for the Doha fountainla fontanta in travertino assemblata a Doha
The travertine block from which the fountain was madea moment of the working of the travertine fountain

Once the components were completed, it was necessary to test them in our headquarters, to makes necessary changes and obtain the conformity and functionality of all elements.

In June 2017 the final configuration was completed and, approved by the client, the work was disassembled and packed in special wooden crates, in order to be transported by ship, from Italy to Qatar, on a journey of about 90 days.

Approved, in autumn 2018, the necessary documentation for the start of the works, were commissioned by “Marmi Arredo Casa MS”, professionally experienced people in the sector, Guido Guidotti and his son Gabriele, to proceed with the final installation inside of the “Commercial Bank” in Doha, Qatar.


the sketch of the project for the Doha fountain


In the first phase, our team dealt with the design of the fountain through a series of sketches on paper.

The construction of the base with robotic arm


From the project we moved on to the realization, thanks to our partnership with important artisan realities of the territory.

la fontanta in travertino assemblata a Doha


After a great deal of work and a long voyage by ship, the fountain was finally reassembled at its destination, in the Commercial Bank of Doha.


Since Roman times, artists had intuited the perfect marriage between travertine and water.

Therefore, this material is still used today in the construction of public and / or private works such as the fountain created by Cantarelli Marmi Arredo Casa in Qatar, in the Commercial Bank of Doha.

An important project, which lasted several months, which saw Apuan artisans and professionals at work, capable of giving life to a real work of art: all starting from the precious stone materials supplied by Cantarelli Marmi Arredo Casa.

Here is the Doha fountain: our pride!

  • A phase of the construction of the travertine fountain
  • The travertine fountain packed and ready for shipment
  • A detail of the assembly of the pedestal of the fountain in travertine
  • A phase of the assembly of the intravertine fountain
  • The travertine fountain completed at its headquarters in Qatar